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If you had an Akada DanceWorks Online account with East Dance Studios, you must create a new account with Synergy Dance Co. to register for classes. Thank you!

For those who wish to register online, here are some helpful tips to assist you with our online system:

  1. Visit the customer access portal for Akada DanceWorks Online by clicking: here
  2. If you do not already have an Akada DanceWorks Online account with Synergy Dance Co., scroll to the bottom of this page and click on “Create or activate your account.” You should then choose: “If you’ve never danced with us before and would like to sign up, click here.”
  3. Review and accept Synergy Dance Co.’s Policies. At the bottom of the page, type in the account holder’s name (responsible adult’s/guardian’s name) in the box to sign electronically, and check off the box to confirm that you have read our policies and understand and agree to comply with the terms of this contract. You may print off this contract, or click the “Next” button to continue your registration.
  4. Select the billing frequency of your choice for tuition installment payment (“Monthly Tuition” is the most popular option), then click “Next.”
  5. A credit card is not required to complete your registration, but you may enter one now or continue to the next step. Once logged in to your Akada DanceWorks Online account, you may always go back to this page to add or edit your debit/credit card information.
  6. Add your dancer (student) to your account. You must complete a registration for one dancer at a time. After selecting classes, you will be prompted to add additional students should you need to.
  7. Select the dance class(es) for Synergy Dance Co.’s 2018-2019 season for this particular dancer. You may receive a message noting “Student is not within age class range,” but you will be able to enter full student information, including DOB, on a later page. When you are done, click “Submit requests” at the bottom of the page.
  8. We will reach out shortly via email confirming your registration.
  9. Click “Ok,” and you will be brought back to the general account info page. Fill out remaining required information for the account holder as well as the student(s).
  10. When you log back in, remember your password is case-sensitive!

For those who wish to register via mail, please print and complete the registration form below and send, along with a copy of our 2018-2019 season schedule with your dancer’s class selection(s) checked off, to:

Synergy Dance Co.
P. O. Box 583
Ashburnham, MA

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